How it Works

There are hundreds of motorcycle rental provider and tour operator all over the world.
This platform connects you with businesses and their offers to experience the world on two wheels.
Find your preferred service with this websites motorcycle rental map search or advanced search filter, searching by location, brand, size of bike, or other criteria.

Check our Help Center if you are uncertain how to proceed or simply follow the next steps:

Submit your request through the automated system.
Clicking the “GET QUOTE & BOOK” button will allow submitting your request. You will receive an email confirming the availability status including an accurate quote.
Your requested bike will be on hold for the duration specified in your quote.
Accept the Quote within the specified time by clicking the Accept link in the confirmation email.
Pay a deposit for your motorcycle rental or other services upfront via PayPal or credit card.
Access your confirmation and rental voucher by email or in your customer login area.
Schedule your pickup time, final payment,  hotel shuttle and other arrangements with the local supplier.
Enjoy your motorcycle ride

ADMO does not handle the scheduling nor the customer service associated with your ride.
This means that ADMO does not have control of prices and availability.

All pricing published on this website is a general estimate and will be adjusted or confirmed by the local motorcycle rental station or tour operator with your “GET QUOTE & BOOK” request.
All prices quoted by email in response to your request are matching the supplier’s rates. There is no additional fee to pay for ADMO’s service.

With this transparent system, you can decide which local motorcycle rental company or tour operator you want to trust.
Much of the quote process is automated. You should expect a delay of approx 24-hours to receive your offer and confirmation of availability.
The local supplier, as well as ADMO, will have employees making sure that your offer is valid before you submit your sensitive personal information.

Your feedback is important! Help other motorcyclists by giving reviews about the suppliers. Leave your personal evaluation of the ride and the service you have experienced.

ADMO always strives to list quality offers and friendly suppliers, your opinion matters!